Chelsea Wolfe w/ Wovenhand

  I had the pleasure of photographing Chelsea Wolfe & Wovenhand earlier this week.  These are my favorites but my full gallery is HERE.

& if you aren’t listening to Chelsea Wolfe’s latest Album ABYSS, you need to change that immediately.

Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-002 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-006 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-007 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-014Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-034 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-020 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-021 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-026 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-029Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-023 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-030 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-032 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-044 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-046 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-048 Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-057 scan040Wovenhand&ChelseaWolfe083115-051


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