Luke & Daphne // Married

I feel like the descriptions of the weddings on this blog may get repetitive, but I’ll say it again.  I am extremely fortunate to share such huge moments in friends lives. This day was beyond fun and the Dickens’ are wonderful people.

DickensWedding0715-001 DickensWedding0715-007 DickensWedding0715-017 DickensWedding0715-026 DickensWedding0715-031 DickensWedding0715-034 DickensWedding0715-491 DickensWedding0715-047 DickensWedding0715-061 DickensWedding0715-073 DickensWedding0715-084 DickensWedding0715-087 DickensWedding0715-089 DickensWedding0715-493 DickensWedding0715-496 DickensWedding0715-098 DickensWedding0715-113 DickensWedding0715-161 DickensWedding0715-498 DickensWedding0715-169 DickensWedding0715-195 DickensWedding0715-254 DickensWedding0715-260 DickensWedding0715-269 DickensWedding0715-298 DickensWedding0715-316 DickensWedding0715-321 DickensWedding0715-348 DickensWedding0715-396 DickensWedding0715-405 DickensWedding0715-436 DickensWedding0715-458 DickensWedding0715-463 DickensWedding0715-475


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