Big Hair Ball 2015

Last weekend I was offered the opportunity to photograph this years Big Hair Ball for the Des Moines Art Center.  This is an incredibly fun and unique event that I’ve enjoyed for a few a years now and seeing behind the scenes and being a bit more involved this year only made me enjoy it more!

BigHairBall2015-009 BigHairBall2015-016 BigHairBall2015-025 BigHairBall2015-045 BigHairBall2015-058 BigHairBall2015-060 BigHairBall2015-069 BigHairBall2015-074 BigHairBall2015-077 BigHairBall2015-101 BigHairBall2015-103 BigHairBall2015-107 BigHairBall2015-110 BigHairBall2015-134 BigHairBall2015-140 BigHairBall2015-165 BigHairBall2015-173 BigHairBall2015-183 BigHairBall2015-210 BigHairBall2015-222 BigHairBall2015-235 BigHairBall2015-253 BigHairBall2015-262 BigHairBall2015-279 BigHairBall2015-284 BigHairBall2015-289 BigHairBall2015-298 BigHairBall2015-303 BigHairBall2015-340 BigHairBall2015-344 BigHairBall2015-349 BigHairBall2015-353 BigHairBall2015-360 BigHairBall2015-362


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