Clint & Fran / Engaged

I was honored to be asked to shoot the wedding of my friends Clint & Fran coming up in November.  Here are some photos from a quick engagement session we did a few weeks ago, super excited to share another really fun day with these two wonderful humans in a few months.

Clint&FranEngagement070115-022 Clint&FranEngagement070115-012 Clint&FranEngagement070115-014 Clint&FranEngagement070115-023 Clint&FranEngagement0701152x Clint&FranEngagement070115-017 Clint&FranEngagement070115-001 Clint&FranEngagement070115-002 Clint&FranEngagement070115-024 Clint&FranEngagementsFilm-004 Clint&FranEngagementsFilm-007 img453 Clint&FranEngagementsFilm-010 Clint&FranEngagementsFilm-011


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