A couple friends and I do this monthly party called Born Wild.  Its basically just a bunch of like-minded weirdos from across every genera & sub-genera of people in this fantastic city we call Des Moines.  Every month I do a photobooth to try and capture a slice of the madness, these are some of my favorites from last months party. BORNWILD4-029 BORNWILD4-055 BORNWILD4-074 BORNWILD4-075 BORNWILD4-079 BORNWILD4-088 BORNWILD4-092 BORNWILD4-107 BORNWILD4-136 BORNWILD4-158 BORNWILD4-175 BORNWILD4-178 BORNWILD4-184 BORNWILD4-201 BORNWILD4-207 BORNWILD4-210 BORNWILD4-217 BORNWILD4-228 BORNWILD4-252 DSC_3569


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