Food Truck Throw Down!

Iowa Beverage Systems and Des Moines Social Club hosted the first annual Food Truck Throw Down last Saturday.

 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-002 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-006 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-009 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-011 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-017 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-025 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-042 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-044 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-046 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-048 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-064 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-069 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-073 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-076 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-078 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-080 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-083 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-088 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-096 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-109 FoodTruckThrowdown0530-110


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